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SEO. These three little letters can be intimidating to small business owners. What is SEO and what should business owners know about it?

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Think about ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) as a game that everyone who owns a website in your industry is playing. Everyone wants to win by getting on the first page of the search engines but there are only 10 spots available. It’s going to be the websites that have the best SEO and overall digital marketing strategy, the most presence and authority and who provide the most value to the end user that get ranked on that first page.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is proven to increase traffic and overall visibility on your website, garnering higher Click Through Rates (CTR), higher conversion rates and ultimately, more leads and sales.

In simplest terms, you can think of SEO as tweaking the elements on a webpage in a way that Google really likes and therefore rewards you with higher rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

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SEO can be broken down into 3 different parts:

On Page SEO
SEO begins with on page search engine optimization. On page optimization means tweaking your webpages to ensure that they have the best possibility of ranking. We’ll make sure that your site’s pages are properly optimized for SEO including things like keyword selection, placement and density, titles, headlines and descriptions, images and video as well as internal and external links.

Once we’re satisfied that your main pages are properly optimized, we’ll start looking for low hanging fruit by analyzing your current pages’ rankings. What we’re looking for here are keywords that are ranking low on the first page of Google or on the 2nd or 3rd pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Once we identify these keywords, we’ll optimize the pages to help them gain ground in the SERPs and jump up to the 1st page.
Off Page SEO
Off page SEO can best be described as what you do to earn backlinks for your site. A backlink is a link from another site to your site and they are crucial if you want to increase your site’s rankings. There are many ways to build backlinks – whether by “earning” these backlinks naturally by putting out (and pushing out) awesome content or by taking a more proactive approach and building backlinks. When building backlinks for your site, our team focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that we’re building relevant links from authoritative websites. Check out our blog post if you’d like to know more about some of the different backlink building strategies we employ.
Technical SEO
Technical search engine optimization is about making sure that all the technical aspects of your site are set up properly. Doing so makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and index your site.

Some items that fall under the technical SEO umbrella include your site’s

- Security certificate (i.e. HTTPS)
- Site speed
- Txt file
- Websites’s sitemap
- 404 page
- htaccess file
- Site structure / architecture
- URL structure
- Structured Data (aka Schema or Rich Snippets)
- Canonical URLs (to avoid duplicate content penalties)

To be visible and indexable in search engines, your site needs to be well-organized and structured so it’s easily navigable – by both search engine bots as well as real users. If you’re looking for a reputable SEO company that has been dancing with Google since Google was just a baby, get in touch with us here at RankPast. Although our digital marketing agency is based on Vancouver Island, we’ve been serving Canada and the rest of the world for well over a decade.
SEO drives this much more organic traffic than social media
less than 6% of pages will rank on page 1 within one year of publication
of search queries contain 4 or more words
of online experiences begin with a search engine

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