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If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for a little background info about our company.

As a company, RankPast started well before the launch of their website. Back in the beginning of 2013, it was a one-person operation until the company started seeing so many client successes that there was no other choice but to grow.

  1. Reese Richards
    Jan, 2008
    Our Humble Beginning

    The creation and launch of a mini-site for the purposes of selling a fruit-based health beverage was our first foray into the website design and digital marketing arena.

  2. seo-analysis
    Aug, 2013
    One Man Band

    2009 to 2013 was spent learning everything there was to know about online marketing including web design, SEO, Google Adwords, keyword research, landing page design, conversion rate optimization and email marketing.

  3. beginning years of rankpast
    Oct, 2016
    Presto A Company Is Born

    By 2016 the company had grown to the point where they needed to hire more staff. And with the addition of more staff, it was decided that it was time to grow up and act like a real business and get a website.

  4. Nov, 2019
    Here We Grow Again

    By 2019 the entire company was run virtually with every employee working from home. Having no brick and mortar office, Skype meetings were plentiful and every staff member was able to bring their pet to work!

  5. May, 2021
    A Pan-what?

    The pandemic put things into perspective in a lot of ways. During the pandemic, we had to turn on a dime and change what and how we were advertising to customers. The world changed in what seemed like an instant and as a digital marketing agency, we knew our clients were counting on us to adapt and help them through the tough times - and we did. 

    Oh, and we decided it was time again for a new website.

Some additional people were hired and for many years, this small SEO group was a clandestine team, operating without an office (everyone works from home) and without a brand per se.

We were a team of SEO and digital marketing experts who provided a suite of SEO and digital marketing services to a growing number of clients, all of whom were acquired through referrals from past clients.

Over the years, our staff and our clients have been through a lot of Google algorithmic updates together – and we’ve always come out stronger on the other side.

Our team of digital marketing experts come from all over North America – each having spent countless years mastering their craft. With RankPast, you get all that knowledge, experience and expertise in one place.

Get in touch with one of our digital marketing consultants for a free consultation and you’ll soon understand what all our clients know…..that RankPast = Results!

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